thinking about ' rolling smokes ' with friends - drinking fruit punch, listening to a classical composer, the modern version like heavy metal. seems the music just keeps playing. while still without complaint; with everyone seated and in one way or another still 'strapped in'.

there is rumor that someone is unsure how this is possible. someone mentions everyone on board is 'outside', still 'strapped in', observing that someone is 'whining' about how he or she is claustrophobic - sitting outside, can you believe that? playing the world's smallest musical stringed instrument with a bow, someone attempts to 'tell' a joke, while another person says 'great going, plant eating being that can sometimes be seen 'hopping''.

at this point there's another person smiling and handing out drinks and snacks. people in training or at the very least retired awesomeness, given the thought of ' early morning beverages ', started thinking too much. this stopped at some point.

a strange version of of what appears like martial arts begins. people are moving all over the place - like musical seats - the conversation begins. 'the dialogue' is difficult to describe.

these people are genius', really. so they figure out how to spar in the funniest way possible, mind you, they're still strapped in, outside, and eating snacks, with their thought of a drink of their choice. someone is still thinking about this; the pilot, the team, sitting near the controls are puzzled by the event, unknowing whether to intervene, or start chuckling. the pilot just shrugs and joins in; the staff or 'team', rather, plans a bit, then also joins in.

now, everything is 'off' the 'hook'. the pilot's dressed like a ninja, this whole thing has been going on for half an hour or so, and no one is hurt. no injuries, and the neighbors are watching from across the street. they might be freaking out, everyone involved seems to pay no mind to them.

'perhaps they're on another plane,' the pilot thinks to himself or herself. took me seven or eight years to design this one, help from the team ( complicated listing the people, so another choice was 'chosen') and still everyone refuses to simplify the controls. (i think they like this)

does anyone care? really, if there are dozens of controls then minimization is a must for the description, as you might know, i have all day to tell you how this works is a negative - no labels in sight, yet someone knows how to find the elixir. thought cloud : muse theorhetically appears and says ' some sort of edit is in the 'foreseeable' future.