a thought of someone, in the past, needing two thirds of the day to leave a cluttered apartment, becomes the focus for a while. about a foot and a half from the floor a military cot was a place to null buzzing cognition. this buzzing is described as a dream that continues until the noise shifts reality.

what is located next to the window with blinds down and no sun, is the guest recalling how organization came and went with the inspirational tide many have felt. what does that have to do with temporarily departing from the cluttered apartment?

sometimes the result is just sitting and solid meditation. the position or angle would matter as much as a balancing effort and true stillness. in this state, the task would be to centralize goals. this became the priority and held in high regard: balance and center.

a stare begins without a word within an interrupted silence, then stops. a few minutes phase out gracefully.

no longer sprawled out on the cot, a chair holds position; the end result is a comfortable pose near a drafting table. leaning forward, a moment of inspiration plays part while arms arch around both sides of some writing material, like a still life animation. seated at the desk, the mind is pondering what techniques facilitated the ability to harness the creativity with the potential of extraction.

an arrangement of information floods the thought processing with phone calls to friends and occupational therapy offers or plans. there is likely a list that just plays in the background endlessly.

re-positioning posture, you can hear the skeletal structure pop in a stretch. you can already see a potential for rapidly leaving a trail coherency; finally with the structure to really compose. perhaps this is the inspiration that leads to this sort of action.