ten minutes ago just hovering in the corner of the mind playing back like a destructive black hole of one's own experiences; the theme varying, was the thought about why there was such importance to realize the main goal again: conquer writer's block.

the young author cracks a grin and sharpens a pencil, then another, and of course, another. suspiciously unable to let this go, the mentioned author decides this time to sharpen a pencil with a rather striking utility knife, in mind the importance of this utility. there is rumor that behavior was controlled to prevent loss of such an important instrument. this as a fact is probably a resulting explanation with similar fact related supportiveness.

a question enters the focus: 'why avoid paying attention to detail?'. though being declined of a direct answer, the reaction that followed was the motivation to carefully hold onto the use of precision. the process of selectively choosing the tools and making use of being provoked by the desire to be an architect had grown into the role of engineering. there was mention of a drafting table and the need for a well sharpened writing device. perhaps putting this 'writing device' to use creates a lacking to be so off topic.

what is the purpose of distraction? less than obviously, being a victim of distract comes up as something rather simple. anything serves as an excuse. how common is the place of collective effort funneled into this trap? the situation could be described as 'beating the drum of idle time', or just a location you travel to when unable proceed. should there be worry if falling distant from the main goal?

what was the main objective? perhaps documentation. perhaps art or both. did someone leave a trail of history? if you mix in ideals, do you now have fiction?

acustom perspective that the true illness that plagues the writer is doubtfully the block in discussion becomes the cluster of words needed. flowing into the stream of consciousness are the images drawn from words that form a picture that implies that one mental 'vision' holding all the literary value; standing out is a similarity like a well thought out solution.

navigate back to oneself in attempt to break away from the clouds and return to the scattered tools rather than gaze into space blankly. is this the motion picture so desired? why the 'vivid mental theatrical display' of doing this?

in an instant the mind is brought back into the source of inspiration, only to realize this provoke of being inspired would leave. that blank stare is more like a look of confusion at this point.